wp-Member-Create A Membership Website To Sell On Clickbank

 wp-Member-Create A Membership Website To Sell On Clickbank

wp-Member is an advanced WordPress membership plug-in that imparts a lot of membership


wp-Member is an advanced WordPress membership plug-in that
imparts a lot of membership

To Get The Payments For The Site

Web site owners may alter login/registration background graphic and
font colors on login/registration page.
Add customized registration fields .Drag and Drop areas to alter field
order on registration form.
Every post, page and category may have one or more membership
levels allotted, allowing access to members who have the right
membership level. If you are able to place it on a WordPress post,
page or category, wp-Member may easily protect it with one click.
The members will solely be able to view material if their subscription
includes the membership level which the material they're attempting
to view is assigned to. Members won't be able to view content
assigned to additional membership levels.
Conceal blocks of content inside posts and pages from unregistered
members. Paragon for supplying teasers, or hiding the end of the post
or page so that people must login or register to be able to see the
remainder of the material.
Members who aren't registered will see a message in place of the
concealed material. You are able to edit this message to state anything
that you like a call to action informing the buyer that they have to
register or login before they may see the content. You are able to even
include html.
Each member’s account will be mechanically managed so that owners
don't have to do anything. As soon as a member signs up, their
account will be mechanically produced. If the member’s subscription 

calls for a payment, the member will be directed to their selected
payment method. Till the members payment has been substantiated,
their account will stay inactive and if they attempt to login, they'll be
asked to conclude their payment before their account will be triggered
and they'll be able to see secure material.
Once the member’s payment has been confirmed, their account will
be automatically activated and they will then be able to login and
access the content assigned to their membership level.
If a member calls off their subscription or is late creating a payment,
their account will be frozen till they bring their payments up to date.
Once the member attempts to login, they'll be shown payment choices
so that they may update their payment. When their account has
obtained a substantiated payment, their account will be mechanically
unsuspended and they'll be able to login and get at the material
specified to their membership level.
wp-Member goes with gateway modules for PayPal, Authorize.net
and Google Checkout. It's up to you which gateways you wish to
utilize for the site. You are able to utilize no gateways (if you don't
want to charge for the membership plans), or any mixture of
gateways. Your users will be able to choose which gateway they would
prefer to utilize when they register.
You are able to produce unlimited membership levels and specify to
each membership level as few or as many posts, pages and classes as
you want. Every level may have unlimited subscriptions.
Subscriptions may be set to repeating payments, or one off payments,
each with a length from payment to the next of one day to ninety-nine

If dealing with buyers payments, you have to ensure that your
software can't be hacked; otherwise a hacker may add malicious code
to the payment procedure in an attempt to steal your buyer’s
particulars, perpetrate identity theft or fraud.
This is something that you need to prevent totally. wp-Member
utilizes the latest encryption techniques making it utterly impossible
for anybody to be able to hack or differently change your payment
process. This supplies both the site owner and all the buyers with the
best possible security and serenity.
A: wp-Member does not interfere with your theme settings. As such,
it will not cause any conflicts with correctly coded themes. The only
themes that we have ever found which caused issues when used with
wp-Member included incorrect coding when managing ajax features
on the admin side. As such, these themes simply needed to be
corrected so that they did not cause problems caused by incorrect
wp-Member works closely with the existing WordPress user scheme
so that web site admins may manipulate the site to fit their needs.
Only membership levels that bear subscriptions assigned to them will
be useable for users to choose when registering on the WordPress
website. An admin will be able to manually add selected users to the
obscured membership levels. This may be utilized to give selected
users bonuses that are unavailable to additional users, or if you
needed to provide selected material that related only to the member
you promoted to the concealed membership level.
Always test the site.

Using Clickbank For Payment Processing


Clickbank repeating billing is a fully automated scheme that makes
marketing, promoting, and handling recurring transactions simple
and profitable. Clickbank recurring billing subscriptions supply you
with the flexibleness to sell and market a wide array of products and

Utilizing A Different Method
Subscriptions let you sell and promote products and services, like
software licenses and membership sites, in which buyers get ongoing
value. Clickbank repeating billing subscriptions let you tailor-make
  • your regularly scheduled buyer payments with features like:
  •  The power to have a lower first price
  •  The power to provide a test period
  •  The power to choose from new rebilling frequency choices
The power to set a lower first price gives you flexibleness when
designing your recurring billing product or service, as owners are able
to increase the payment for subsequent rebills.
A test period lets you offer your buyers a short time period to try the
membership site at a reduced price before the regularly scheduled
payments start.
With rebilling frequency choices, you are able to select bi-weekly,
every month, quarterly, and yearly billing. With these flexible choices,
you are able to offer a bigger assortment of products and services in
the market.
Producing a recurring billing, subscription, or membership product is
similar to making a standard product, but with a couple of unique
Please cautiously check that all info about your product is correct
before submitting it for approval, as repeating billing products can't
be altered once they're approved.

To produce a recurring billing product, take the accompanying steps:
  •  Travel to My Account and log in to your Clickbank account.
  •  Click Account Settings.
  •  Click My Products.
  •  Click Recurring Billing Products.
  •  Click Add New Product.
  •  Add the essential information to the Adding a Product window.
  •  Click Save Changes.
  •  The system will specify a status of Approval Request Required
  • to the product.
 Pose a test buy:
  •  Click My Site under Account Settings.
  •  In the Testing Your Products box, click on Generate New Card
  • Number.
  •  This will produce a charge card number, expiration date, and
  • validation code you are able to utilize to pose test orders. This
  • card data will be valid for 24 hours, after which time it will run
  • out and will no more be available for test orders.
  •  Observe the charge card info.
  •  Go to the Pitch Page for the product you wish to test, and click
  • through the payment link, which ought to take you to the
  • Clickbank order form.
  •  Enter data into every field of the order form. You are able to
utilize any address data you wish, but enter the test charge card
details you produced.

  •  Affirm the data on the order confirmation page. Click through
to download your product, which ought to take you to the right
Thank You Page URL for the product you're trying out.
Petition product approval by clicking on Request Approval in the
action column of the recurring billing product list.
Fill in the Request Product Approval form.
  •  Affirm the info and provide extra information if necessary.
  •  Click on Submit Product Approval Request at the bottom of the
  • form. Make certain all data is right before clicking on Submit, as
  • your product can't be altered once it’s approved.
  • The scheme will assign a condition of Approval Requested.
  •  A team member from the Clickbank product approval
  • department will go over your site and product info to determine
  • if it will be Okayed or rejected as a recurring billing product.
  •  If Okayed, the system will update the product condition to
  • Approved.
  •  If rejected, the system will update the product status to
  • Disapproved.
  •  Your repeating billing product is now live and ready to sell!
Unlike a lot of the competitors, Clickbank doesn't quit after one
payment failure. Clickbank realizes that scheduled payments might
fail for many reasons, including insufficient funds, so they have
optimized their recurring billing process to decrease authorization
declines and increase revenue.

In the event that buyers’ charge card can't support the payment
request, they'll attempt authorization again 3 days after the 1st failure
date. After a 2nd failure, they'll reattempt 4 days after the 2nd failure
date. After a 3rd failure, they'll try once more 7 days after the 3rd
failure date. A 4th failure will lead to an automatic cancellation of the
subscription purchase. They send notifications to the buyer and
vendor on the final 2 attempts.
For subscriptions the rebill sum may be bigger than the initial
payment amount. The lower limit initial price is $4.95, and the lower
limit rebill price is $7.95.
Remember though that you can't alter the initial, or rebill price for
any recurring billing product once it has been Okayed by the product
approval team. If someone wants to alter the initial, or re-bill price of
a product for future sales, they'll need to produce a new product in
the My Products section of the account. This is one of the drawbacks
to using Clickbank for your product

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