The Concept Behind Web-The Future of the Web

 The Concept Behind Web-The Future of the Web

The Concept Behind Web-The Future of the Web

Semantic web also otherwise often referred to as web 3.0 is basically a
web of data. There is a lot of data available online which is not
necessarily used by those engaging in online activities.

Changing It

All the various functions that are usually sought after by online users
are usually centered on the need to refer to several different and
distinct sites for the information needed.
Examples of which would include viewing bank statements, viewing
photos, perusing through calendars and so on.
However if the user wanted to see the photos according to the
calendar while also being informed of the activities slotted for the day
it would not be possible to view everything on one open page
according to the old or even current systems.
This is due to the fact that most users do not possess the web of data
in one controlled application as currently each application functions
separately and individually.
The concept behind the semantic web would be depicted in two
distinctive ways and these would include the use of common formats
for integration and combination of data to be drawn from very diverse
sources and the language of recording on how the data relates to the
real world objects.
The original form of information would then be mainly concentrated
on the interchange of documents to eventually produce all the
intended information needed to be compiled in one.
This then allows the user to start off on one database and then move
through an unending set of databases which are all connected not by wires but by simply being about relatively the same basic thing. This
way many connective issues can be sorted out online to produce the
one desired piece of information as concisely and informatively as

What’s Next After Web

Some of the current features that are utilized by the users on a regular
basis would include the fast connection that enable more vibrant
connections, much more content access for the user generated tools,
online sales the can be become measurable and an increasingly
important factor to the economy, keyword enhanced search engine
positioning, click through advertising, social networking sites offered
by the likes of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and more, where online
communication are facilitated, wikis and wireless devices. All of the
above are considered rather common that expected services to be
enjoyed online almost anytime and anywhere.

What’s Next

However as mentioned the constant need to keep abreast with the
demands of end users, there is always something new being “brewed”.
Hence the birth of the web 3.0 platform, to help this need for further
Copying most of the already existing elements, the technologies and
trends that make up the basis of the web are now being challenged to
move to greater heights.
While some technologies such as social networking and wikis are
rather tangible to business, others such as emailing, instant
messaging, browser based communications, sear engines, online
marketing are all central to any and every type of business entity in
Although most of these businesses have yet to completely exploit all
the possibilities the online progressions are capable of providing, it
will does not seem to affect the need for the IT to continue to explore
newer and better tools and applications for the end user.

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