Social Network Secrets-List Of Cool Social Sites

 Social Network Secrets-List Of Cool Social Sites

The Dark Side Of Social SitesSocial Network Secrets-List Of Cool Social Sites


Being able to identify and make use of the social sites to encourage
more visitors to one’s own site would be very beneficial if the
individual is highly focused on ensuring the traffic flow for a
successful business endeavor.
There are a lot of possibilities that should be explored and having an
idea of the more popular social sites would help the individual keep
the focus more centered and achievable.
The following is a list of most of the more popular social sites
currently ranked and certainly worth using to create awareness for
the individual’s foray:

Great Info

Facebook – this social networking site also functions as a service
provider where everyone and anyone is able to make a connection
with others and get some level of visibility for either themselves or the
endeavor intended for attention. After carrying out the relevant steps
required the individual will be able to create the visibility platform
that would encourage others to connect if interested in what they
perceived to be available on the individual’s facebook account.
Twitter – the online social networking service is also another way to
get one’s profile noticed and also a way to get other connected with
the individual. Ideas and comments are exchanges and this helps to
start some level of interest in the participant’s lives and
corresponding activities.
LinkedIn – this site mainly caters to the more professional side of the
connections intended to be made. Most professional connections here
are mainly to conduct some level of business relationships, but there
are also those who use this social site for other less business oriented
MySpace – noted as a social site and at some point surpassed the
visitor ratio of other more established sites such as Google, this site
also provides the platform for social connections to be made.

The Dark Side Of Social Sites


As with anything positive, there is also a negative aspect that should
be acknowledged in order to be able to consider its merits is any.
Therefore in the quest to understand the somewhat dark side of social
sites the individual should be well aware of the happenings and
development impacts the social site implies.
These social sites are able to create a huge influence on anything and
everything that can be accessed through the online portals. This does
have negative impacts on the subject matter is the influence created is
of the negative style.
People connecting to such sites would tend to be influenced by the
general sentiments shared thus not really allowing for the individual
thought process to take its natural course..

The Bad Side

Beside the influence of information and thought process, there is also
the danger of people being so used to connecting online, that they are
unable to function in normal physical connections.
The virtual friendships and relationships can provide the individual
with the luxury of virtuality verses reality and this is more often than
not very damaging to the culture of the human existence.
This trend is already becoming so prevalent that it is sounding alarm
bells for the concerned few who are devoted to monitoring the
There is also the danger of business alliances and new found
friendships being destroyed by seemingly insensitive posting which
tend to paint a particular party in poor light.
This is possible even if the action is a prank and not meant to be taken
seriously. However is most cases the damage that is done is rather
hard to rectify and almost always impossible to recover from,
especially when the credibility of the party is now in question. Thus
the need to be cautions when forming any liaisons on the social sites.

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